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Belgrade open 2018 will have 10 teams.

The teams will be divided into two groups of five, playing against each other once. The best four teams in groups will reach the playoff which is played according to the cup system.

Standings are determined depending on:

1-number of points (3 for the win, 1 for a draw)

2-goal difference

3-goals scored

4-result of the match between the teams

5-less bench penalties

6-draw by the organizers


The tournament will be played according to the valid IFF rules, with the exception that there will be only timeouts in the final match.

Playing time is not effective.

Mixed teams are not allowed.



Please note that every participant is taking part in the tournament at his own risk and is not generally insured by the organization. Therefore a general travel insurance is recommended.



  • 2x15 min with last 3 minutes not being effectively measured in all the group matches. The interval between the first and second period is 2 minutes. There will be no team time-out in the group matches.

  • 2x15 min with last 3 minutes not being effectively measured. The interval between the first and second period is 2 minutes. There will be no team time-out.

  • 2x20 min with last 3 minutes being effectively measured in the final match. The interval between the periods is 5 minutes.


The matches will be directed by top-class referees. 
The nomination will be published in the second week of July.



The registration fee is EUR 220.00 per team and must be transferred by May 31st,  via SWIFT to: 
Alen Boros, Vladetina 3, Belgrade, Serbia at Banca Intesa ad Beograd, Serbia

SWIFT: DBDBRSBG, IBAN: RS35160513020004961583

For money transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram contact us for more details.

Please note that the registration fee is not refundable and the amount is netto - the bank charges have to be covered by the transferring team.

Only when we receive your payment, your registration to the BO2018 is final.



The best team will be awarded the cup. The best player and goalie will get awards from our sponsors.



 A potential protest should be delivered to the JURY  or to the hall secretary in written form 15 minutes after the match at the latest. 
Protest fee: EUR 20. 
In case of refusing the protest, the fee is not refunded. The verdict of the JURY cannot be questioned.





Every player is taking part in the tournament at his own risk. The participants are not insured by the organizer.


The teams' playlist must be filled in block letters and sent to the organizers a minimum ten days before the tournament.


Be o time for the matches. Maximum waiting time is 5 minutes, after that the default result will be 0:5. That there will not be an opportunity to warm up on the floorball ground (except for the final match) and warming up before every match will, therefore, have to take place beside playing field or outside the hall.


The player can take part only in one team during the entire tournament.


Players identification may be requested in case of misgivings. The players passports must be at disposal for this case. The players identification can be requested by the opponent but only till the end of the break between the 1st and 2nd period after handing over the protest fee /see above/. In the case of potential unfitness, the de‘fault result of this match will be 0:5.


In case the teams have the same dress colors the one listed as away team in the official match schedule is obliged to change. Number of dressing rooms in the hall is limited and therefore it has to be used by „walking through“ system. After changing before the match please take all the teams belongings in bags to the ground. After the match, you may be given a different dressing room. The organizers cannot be taken responsible for any loss of personal belongings during the tournament.



For accommodation, please contact organizers!



Alen Boros, Vladetina 3, Belgrade & Fbk Partizan, Panciceva 14, Belgrade



Send us your team name and team logo on e-mail


           Posco Arena

   24 Vojvode Misica blvd.